Candy Time

Candy Time brings hexagonal game play to the classic match-3 world.

Basic rules

Swap two adjacent candies to match a line of 3 similar candies. The line can be made in any of the 3 directions.

When you do this match, the matched candies will explode and the gray or golden tiles under the candies will be removed. The goal is to remove all tiles in every level.

Candy Time


Match 4 candies in one direction to get a TNT. When you later match a candy, which has a TNT on it, all 6 candies around the TNT-candy will explode.


When you match 5 candies in a line, you will receive a special candy with rockets on it. When you match that candy, the whole line of jewels will get destroyed.


Match a jewel with clocks, to increase your time for the level.

Magic candy

You can use the magic candy to remove all candies of one color. Just swap the magic candy with any adjacent candy to determine the color which should explode.

Candy Heart

When you clear all the gray tiles, you will receive a candy heart. Your goal is to let this heart fall through the bottom of the screen to win the level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clear all my scores?

To reset the game and to start from the first level again, do the following: On Android, open your mobile phone's settings, select "Applications", find the name of this game and in the "Storage" section press the "Clear data" button. On iOS you can just uninstall the game and re-install it. This will clear all the data and you can start playing again from level 1.

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